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Crash Bug. Need to be fixed

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Crash Bug. Need to be fixed Empty Crash Bug. Need to be fixed

Post by MilagPro on Mon Dec 24, 2018 6:05 pm

There is a bug that triggers when you ride a vehicle too much and go else where in the game.
How does it trigger?
-It will trigger when you ride too much and you will see a "Respect bar" In the upper left corner getting lowered it's level.
What will happen?
-After you ride the vehicle for about 3-5 minutes it will guarantee a sure GAMECRASH.
Even it crashes what damage will it do? Your just riding the vehicle.
Well, It always happen when I'm doing trucker job or garbageman job. And instead of transporting my goods, I will return to being 0 and doing it again when it crashes
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