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Post by MilagPro on Mon Dec 31, 2018 7:08 pm

Your IG name : Vincenzo_Maestro

Your level IG: 7

Why do you want to join?: I want to join the Community helper team because. Base on my observation on our server I've seen that most of the helper's specially the junior ones seems to act inappropriate for their title. The ones who should teach new players how to do this and how to do that, are the ones who were breaking rules. Also, there are cases which we can see that players are complaining in the global chat about this helpers behavior. We can see players ranting "Helper ka pa naman DM ka.." or "Helper ka pa naman pero F8 While Capture ka" Or even worse. "Helper ba yan? Pero balat kalabaw sa cheat". And because of this things. I want to apply as a server helper that will obey the server rules and will help the ones in need Especially Newbies.

Why should be accept you?: Well, I started playing SA-MP (RL-RP Old server) Back in 2013 and I just played it for 3 months. Because the players back there doesnt want to help me as a newbie. Then I came back and played in Katarina's Server in 2016. By the name of Ceniv_Vinci. And on that time. I learned alot about this game because of the "Old" Helpers.
                                         Nowadays, most of the helper didn't even bother talking in /newb. And most of the time I think the /requesthelp command aint working. Since when I tried it several times no one accepted me. And I'm active in the server for about 2-5 hours a day.

What can you do to help us?: I know that "I can't even do that MUCH HELP" But. I really want to help the young bloods who were just starting to play this game. And also to lessen the Inappropriate non RP Scenario and also to help admins who sometimes dealing with players problem in an equation of 1 admin is to 40-70 Players.
How can you help with the server?: I'm pretty much active here in forum. Even thou I didn't post some unrelated messages. And sometimes I teach players here in forum about how will they get accepted in their application forms. Also, I can help promoting this server and to lessen the newbies who just quit because they dont know what to do. (Like what happen on me back in 2013) Also, I'm an observer and I can post my suggestions that will help the server on a players Point of View.

Any experience with past servers?: yes

Rate your RP from 1-10: 7

Show me properly used /me and /do :

/me Take's their revolver from their backpack and turn close it safe mode.
/do This should be able to hit now
/me Extend's their arm and aim's it on to the stranger.
/do They should be frighten now and will handsup.
/me Starts to frisk the stranger while they're arms are up.
/do Where can I find those Wallet? Frisking 1/3
/do Where can I find those Wallet? Frisking 2/3
/do Where can I find those Wallet? Frisking 3/3
/do Found it on the backpocket.
/me Get's the Wallet and Quickly Aim's on the strangers legs and shoot it so they will not be able to run/follow
/do You should not be able to walk.
/me Turn's back and runaway from the scene of the crime.

What is DM?: DM also known as Death Match. Is the process of killing a player without a proper RP Reason or In character reason.  

What is RK?: Also known as RevengeKilling Is the process of Killing the player who killed you minutes ago, As most of the RP server say's your memory from 10-30 minutes should be erased the moment you died.

What is MG?: Also known as MetaGaming The process of using Out of Character Information to In Character Information.

What is Mixing?: Mixing is the process Using OOC chat in an In character chat.. Or Vice versa Even thou players use /b but talks about IC it's still called a mixing.

What is Bunnyhopping: It's the process of jumping continuously to get to the place you will go faster. Also, This can be called a PG because no one will do that in real life.
What is PK: PlayerKill is the process of dealing damage on to the player RP'ly but cannot be accepted until an admin approves it.

What is our Policy about Robbing and Scamming?: Scamming is allowed but if you only DID THIS RP'LY but if you just did it without doing proper Roleplays it is punishable.
I think robbing is not appropriate in the server anymore because of the moneydrop script.
But if my Memory serve's me correctly it is not allowed to Rob players who were level 3 below and not to rob exceeding 5k in game cash.

Is Trash detected. off an insult?: No.

Is Shemale an insult? : Yes.

What is your goal as a helper?: My goal is to help players, especially newbies in their journey in our server. And to be a Eye and Ear of the player's because helpers are the closest players to attain the "Normal Players Perspective" (POV)
What you will do as a helper?: I will always help people. Never be bias on anyone and to be the voice of the players.
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