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Gang Application For The Basurero's Syndicate

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Gang Application For The Basurero's Syndicate

Post by Takashi Lazcano on Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:13 pm

Name of Gang : The Basurero's Syndicate

Families : Number 14

Gang Story :
The Basurero's Syndicate set was founded by, Takashi_Lazcano. The set was made in Los Santos, in the year 2009. Joe and Ed were all around East Los Santos looking for more members to roll with East Beach and represent. They eventually started ruling the whole east side of Los Santos, the Crips were starting to get jealous and moved in to the east, East Beach was ****ed, there were gang wars rolling out everywhere, there were people dying left and right and Joe and Ed were all in the middle of it. They eventually moved away from the hot area and moved more North East to get away from all the violence, and to start all over again. Joe moved into a house and Ed moved in a house away, they both were still banging daily.and always looking for new members. To get into the East Beach Bloodz the new members would go through a vicious beating just to get the respect from there homies, after the beating they would say welcome Blood and they were officially a part of the new craze. Once you were in the gang, it was a Blood in Blood out oath, you get in you don't get out unless you die. Joe and Ed were finding out this was a way better place to move to, there were crack fiends that wanted drugs, they got tons of money, tons of ****es, and on top of that they were ruling the biggest set in East Los Santos.

Leader: Takashi Lazcano
Co-Leader: Clark_Carter
Rank 6 : Takashi / Clark
Rank 5 : Toshiro La Kaen
Rank 4: Pa La Tulog
Rank 3: Sakuragi La Kaen
Rank 2: Rukawa La Ligo
Rank 1: Toshiro Hitsugaya

Rank Name :
Rank 6 : La Pera
Rank 5 : La Tulog
Rank 4 : La Tapon
Rank 3 : La Chongke
Rank 2 : La Ligo
Rank 1 : La Kaen

Skin ID :

Takashi Lazcano
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Re: Gang Application For The Basurero's Syndicate

Post by IamGhie on Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:58 pm

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