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Yakuza Triads (Information) [Official Family]

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Yakuza Triads (Information) [Official Family]

Post by Summers on Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:46 pm

Yakuza Triads
Yakuza Triads, Yakuza Triads are looking for someone and helping other players to kill someone who has a problem to anyone. If you want to kill someone Yakuza Triads is here.

One Day there is one man who spoked with me he said that someone is stalking him and he thinks that the guy wanted to kill him. So, what did I do, I protected the man and kill the man on sight of the Cops but cops didn't know who is the suspect in short the cops are confuse on who killed the guy, When the day ends the man thanks me, So, what did I say, "No problem if you have many problems come to me".

Yakuza Triads founded at VineWood near Rodeo Bank, Their turfs are around the Rodeo to temple kinda big but, they always clean up the turfs, Cuz Yakuza moves quietly, like Hitman who will take care to anyone.

Yakuza Triads Roster:
Boss: Michael Summers
Pjay Palencia
Kenji Summers
Anne Curtis
Lando Brown
and Others:

Head Quarters of Yakuza Triads:

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Yakuza Triads, If you will ask Yakuza's members, you will regret if you will disrespect them.


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