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Post by ragingpotato20 on Sun Jan 10, 2016 4:28 pm

Gang History

Chinese Mafia

A Chinese San Fierro based criminal organization helped along by Ryor Hasegawa, a blind gentleman, and led by Yamaguchi Gumi. The Triads operate the Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas, but their main place of work is Chinatown. There are two sets of Triads - The Mountain Cloud Boys, operated by Kian El Buragat, and the Red Gecko Tong, led by Ryor Hasegawa. There was also a third set - the Blood Feathers that were wiped out by the Da Nang Boys.
They are involved in gang warfare, murder, smuggling, extortion, bribery, loansharking, gambling, and illegal street racing. It is revealed that the Triads are against drug dealing (especially crack cocaine).

The Triads are currently in a major war with a Vietnamese street gang known as the Da Nang Boys. They are also on unfriendly terms with the San Fierro Rifa but are not engaged in a full-out war with them - mainly due to their drug involvement. Because of this, the Triads also have a strong dislike to the Loco Syndicate too.

They are either unarmed or carry AK47's and 9mm pistols, in the mission Pier 69, they also carry TEC-9's.They can be recognized by all black smart/suit clothing. They drive Stratums, Elegys and Sultans and their favourite radio station is SF-UR.


2. Respect higher-ranked members; and follow their orders.
3. Respect civilians and LEO.
4. Never bring an another gang member to our HQ and never tell to the other families where our HQ at.
5. Always have guns for self defense.
6. If you want to buy drugs or guns you must go with at least 1 or more gang members with guns.
7. Your identity must be secret, never tell to Civilians and LEO who you are.
9. Respect LEO's, don't shoot near them, give them respect and do what they tell you.
10. If someone ask you information about the gang like member's names or other things, DO NOT give a true information just lie.
11. Must be playing at least 3-4 hours a day.
12. Must have a forum.
13. Do not use any cheats or hacks.
14. You must have a keybinds.
15. Support the server, more RP.


R6-Ryor Hasegawa
R5-Yamaguchi Gumi
R4-Kian El Buragat
R3-Rian Ramos
R2-Justine Bennedict
R1:Rovick Peralta


The Kumicho (R6)
Saiko-komon (R5)
The Wakagashira (R4)
The Shateigashira (R3)
The Kyodai (R2)
The Shatei (R1)

R6 = id 59
R5 = 120
R4 = 118
R3 = 60
R2 = 170
R1 = 263
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