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The Liberty Front

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The Liberty Front

Post by Summers on Sun Jan 17, 2016 1:47 pm

After all the achievements that the city of Los Santos accomplished in order to create a positive reputation for itself, it had to go through tough periods, an that is what occured in the middle of the 20TH century. The war have taken the world by storm, rules were no longer deployed, the jungle's law was the best solution in everyone's prespective. Alot of destructive actions have been taken, families have been aparted, it was a disaster. Alot of gangs have chose to do their first step, and use this oppurtunity to re-supply themselves with various illegal materials, which they did, alot of warehouses were fill up with various types of weapons, drug farms were established, alot of new powers appeared.

With time, a group of San Andreas citizens have appeared, and decided to use all of their power to stop this war and actually move on, as they had enough. One of the most known names were Jameson Smith, Kyle Johnson and many others. They have took part in many movements, in order to kick out the enemies as a whole, they were forced to form alot of relations with important men around, in order to support their small group, and they sucessfully did so. They have organized numerous terrorism actions against the enemies, as In 2005, the Liberty Front organization have been suspected in hijacking a WesternVibe Army transportation aircraft enroute from Los Santos to San Fierro. the next day after the accident, the news have published pictures of the victims Slaughtered, only their heads were hanged, all the bodies have vanished. Not mensioning the action that have been taken right after that one, as The Liberty Front organization have been charged for blowing up the chineese millitary base located at East Los Santos, since then they have been the main target of their enemies.
After the struggle that all the members went through, they have finally achieved their goal. Los Santos gained it independence, and started deploying fair political systems, atleast that's what others think. All this organization members have been jailed by Los Santos' president, and have been charged for all the actions they did in order to free Los Santos. Los Santos goverments kept their intern news under the radar, as no one actually caught their corrupt actions. Even though, everything they did left a trace. History books have been changed, and there are no longer any original books that actually mension the real heros of The Liberty Front.
In jail, all of it members have been tortured, and were forced to give out all of the details, in order to find all the people involved with this organization, but the leaders have insisted on remaining silent. They have tried to deliver the truth to the public, but they have failed this one. All of those caught have been transfered to Demorgan's Prison Facility, and were sstrictly guarded by a security team, to ensure that they will not be able to leak any informations out, and make sure that they'll not be able to plan for any kind of crazy things, in order to save the high commands or else. All of those have been charged with a life sentence, and have been transfered to maximum security Australian Jail.

All of The Liberty Front members, went through alot of tough situations. As this day they had to burry all of their friends who fought with them, and couldn't make it to the end, to actually celebrate the small victory that didn't stay for along time. All of those who knew about the exsistance of The Liberty Front made it to the funeral, where they have shared contact informations with each other, and got to greet everyone for the last time, before everyone takes a path until the situation cools down. The whole organization decided to lay low temporatly, until the goverment executives remove their attention off this organization, and actually let it members take a breathe. And this got accomplished, with time, the goverments totally forgot about this organization, and moved their attention to other important things within their work.

All of The Liberty Front's surrounding gangs, have took the chance, and moment of weakness that the organization faced, and raided all of it farms, warehouses, HQ's... Not mensioning that around that time, alot of gangs were on contracts with the goverment, which encouraged them to give out names, bank accounts serial numbers, adresses, anything that can lead this organization down to the bottom. With all the bank accounts being frozen, and all of the resources being taken, there was no supplies for a next step.

After few years, a small sparkle of hope have appeared. After a great evaluation for the situation that Los Santos was living, two young males have came to a conclusion that it's about that time, to regroup again, and reform this organization in order to keep their promess, and free the people of Los Santos from the corrupt executives who have chained their freedom for a long period of time. From this Time Jeremy Smith, the grand son of Jameson Smith and Grant Gustin, the new come-in have united their power in order to rebuild the organization on some strong basis. They have invested all their time, in earning money in order to get some supplies to start off with. After a while, they have bought a small Bar, located at the New Eire, and named it after the organization "The Liberty Bar", as no judging was taken there, everyone was free. Mainly, all of the members regrouped there, and joined back the whole thing, willing to have again a slice of the game. Together, they were capable to claim some turfs around San Andreas, to conduct their work in. As they have spent months in planning and executing their plans. And after alot of work, they were able to stockpile all of their needs, from weaponary to properties and else... And they have decided to go public again. With all the work they did, they have actually could take over their old HQ located at Los Santos Commerce area.

The Liberty Front organization have sucessfully achieved it goal, and they finally went viral. After the robberies they have commited, the kidnaps that have taken Los Santos by storm ,they have proven to their members that they can make a diffrence, and they can be a threat to these corrupt exectives around. And in general they have earned respect around, which facilated getting new allies to find when they need help, as they have started organizing their internal systems, to ensure that it wouldn't fall apart. And finally, after gaining access to all it warehouses, and Operation Bases, the organization was able to continue it activity and start over with all it industries, as they have claimed some farms around Los Santos boards, and used them for producing all kind of drugs. And they have used their operations/Operative base, in order to ensure the sucess of most of their operations, and support it with all kind of back up, as it power has no limit by this time.

Jeremy also known as "Staky" always belived that friends are all that matters after power, as it plays a great role in putting this oganization in concidiration. That's why they have worked on maintaining the best relations with all of their allies and attempting to help all of them, and that would assist them back, in their operations towards Los Santos. Both of the leadership members, have realised that the organization is up and running as it was expected, since the goverment deployed the majority of it power to extenguish this organization, but of course, it was a destinate failiure, as the Staky and Flash and all of their team, haven't left anything for consequences. And that's how they were sure that, the organization is back for good.

Head Quarters of Liberty Front:

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Re: The Liberty Front

Post by Klamsy L Olympus on Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:28 pm

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