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Vincent_Valentino "Uptown Yardies" Gang Creation Request

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Vincent_Valentino "Uptown Yardies" Gang Creation Request

Post by VincentV on Fri Nov 13, 2015 5:19 pm

The Uptown Yardies or simply "The Yardies" is an African-Caribbean (Jamaican) criminal gang group led by the late Vladimir Valentino, died in a drive-by based in Las Colinas Riot. They arrived in the city in 2014, and took over control by his Eldest Son named Vincent Valentino and his biological brother Brian O Connerled by them throughout the future and also have limited influence over tha city. They can be easily seen hangin' around allsaints wearing jamaican figures such as having a dreadlocks, reppin and spreading one love symbolizing the unity what they have and to prove what they're capable for. Vincent Valentino is known as the "Spangler Posse" under his father, grown up together with his biological brother both of them possess some ideology of being a benevolent leader,
Yardies also known as jamaicans that are loose coalition of the Jamaican posse that operate out of a marijuana plantation near the coast of Las Colinas. In the year 2015 Vincent became the head of marijuana and cocaine distribution network based in Los Santos, when Brian O Conner appears to be his right-hand man.

Gang Criminal Activity
Yardie's gangs are notorious for their involvement in gun crime and Illegal Drug Smuggling and Dealing, notably marjiuana (Ganja), chemical paraphernalia and crack cocaine in the Los Santos back then In 2013, Yardies were blamed for the murder of Chief of Police Antoine Keef, shot dead while patrolling in along Las Colinas. Some maintain that the supposed reach and influence in communties of these "Yardies" is a myth. The gang controls the drugs trade in Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas known to use extreme violence for smuggling abundant marijuana's, cracks and chemical paraphernalia including his biological brother Brian acting as the right hand and most trusted member in the gang. They also have a large marjiuna plantation which can provide 3 city for almost 1 decade and the whereabouts are still unknown.

Why you guys should fear us?
We ain't here for a fight, We're here to show what we've got, We're here to spread good vibration, for example of a one good thing about music, "when it hits you, you feel no pain." If you want a tough fight, we'll gave it to you. YARDIES AIN'T SHOWING MERCY! JAH PRESERVED MY SOUL!

((Chlorophyll Green #4AFF00))

Leader (Slot Holder)

(Co-Slot Holder)
((Still Hiring))

1. Still Hiring
2. Still Hiring

3. Still Hiring
4. Still Hiring
5. Still Hiring
6. Still Hiring
7. Still Hiring
8. Still Hiring
9. Still Hiring
10. Still Hiring

Still hiring (ATM)
P.S : contact me In-game if you wish to be in part of it.

R6 - Posse Dictator

R5 - Rhastafarian

R4 - Natty Congo

R3 - Mojah

R2 - Pot Head

R1 - Fellow Jah

Skin ID 1
Skin ID 136
Skin ID 142
Skin ID 183
Skin ID 220
Skin ID 241

Vehicle Model ID : 521 ~ 2x
Vehicle Model ID : 483 ~ 2x
Vehicle Model ID : 560 ~ 2x

(Gang/Family RULES)
* Simple rule has been implemented and a "must" to be followed *

1. Never make a tension between each other w/ the fellow Jah. Don't start a fire if you can't extinguish it
2. Never asked for ranks, literally you must earned it.
3. Attending turf is a must, Please.. Do cooperate as a fellow Jah.
4. Represent our gang by wearing the gang outfits, Show them who we are!.
5. Never ever break a rules, Automatically (Demoted/Kicked), Don't be Naive
6. Respect each other if you want to be respected, What goes around comes around.
7. Family Bank is being supervised by a unknown member of the family, I'm watching you.
8. Family Bank is being split for each of the member every week, So work hard and play hard.
9. We're not giving high ranks randomly, Especially to low levels and for those who aren't capable for it.
10. Responding to backup is a "must", One love - One family. We are the Uptown Yardies!

Credits to the late "Jamaican Posse"



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Re: Vincent_Valentino "Uptown Yardies" Gang Creation Request

Post by Katarina_Avion on Mon Nov 16, 2015 3:04 pm

Gang application status: ACCEPTED.
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