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LSPD || Handbook

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LSPD || Handbook

Post by E.Arcenas on Sat Oct 15, 2016 1:23 pm

Table of Contents
Police Radio Codes
1.1 -|- Introductory
            • 1.1.2 -|- Goal of the Los Santos Police
            • 1.1.3 -|- Commands

        2.1 -|- Duty Information (pt. 1)
           • 2.1.2 -|- Vehicles
           • 2.1.3 -|- Equipment
           • 2.1.4 -|- Radio Codes
           • 2.1.5 -|- RTO Standards

        2.2 -|- Duty Information (pt. 2)
           • 2.2.2 -|- Ranks
           • 2.2.3 -|- Uniforms

        3.1 -|- Daily Encounters
           • 3.1.2 -|- Metropolitan Services (Tow Unit)
           • 3.1.3 -|- Standard Patrolling
           • 3.1.4 -|- Performing Traffic Stops
           • 3.1.5 -|- Issuing Citations
           • 3.1.6 -|- Performing High-Risk Traffic Stops
           • 3.1.7 -|- Performing Pursuits
           • 3.1.8 -|- Arrest & Detain Procedure
           • 3.1.9 -|- Dispatch Priority
           • 3.1.10 -|- Going On/Off Duty

        4.1 -|- Secondary Jobs/Divisions
           • 4.1.2 -|- Field Training
           • 4.1.3 -|- Internal Affairs
           • 4.1.4 -|- Special Weapons and Tactics
           • 4.1.5 -|- Traffic Enforcement
           • 4.1.6 -|- Detective Bureau
           • 4.1.7 -|- General Duties


Lockers - Lockers -Lockers -/lspd
The locker room is an important part of the LSPD, as you will get your uniform and weapons here.

Radio Frequency - (/r)adio
This radio is used to talk to other LSPD officers. It must be used ICly.

Department Radio - (/d)epartment

Gate Control - /gate
This will operate both the garage and parking area gates.
Megaphone - (/m)egaphone
It is used to alert anybody within a large area. It is commonly used in pursuits.

Government Announcement - ( /gov)ernment
This command will cause a large announcement to be broadcasted to everybody, it should never be abused as it's not only for legal factions to see.Captain and above only.

Adding Charges - (/su)spect
This is the most significant command in the Police Department as it adds a crime to a suspect (a "star") so that you may arrest them. Never metagame or powergame anybody with this command.

Towing vehicles - /tow
This command will attach a vehicle to your vehicle’s hook RPly. Be sure to RP attaching your hook into the vehicle.

Detaching vehicles - /untow
This command will detach a vehicle that you have in tow. You can tow a vehicle, park it legally on the right side using your truck and then detach your hook.

Ticketing - /ticket
Tickets are issued to individuals for minor crimes and referred as a warning.

Impounding vehicles - /impound
This command will impound a vehicle when used outside the LSPD garage and send it to the Dillimore DMV. A vehicle should only be impounded when it has outstanding tickets or you have been ordered to.

Mobile Data Computer - /mdc
This command allows you to use your Mobile Desktop Computer while inside any vehicle to check records, find people, etc.
Releasing vehicles - /dmvrelease
This command will release a vehicle from the DMV with no charge.Searching a vehicle /searchcar & /checktruck. These two commands are used to check the trunk of a car or truck for any illegal items. /searchcar can be used on a player owned vehicle if you suspect it contain any illegal item. /checktruck

Arresting - /arrest
When you have finished adding charges, go to the arrest point and /arrest a suspect that is nearer to you.

Wanted List - /wanted
This will show the list of wanted suspects.

Respawn all faction cars - /respawnfreefactionvehs
This is used to respawn all unoccupied faction vehicles, can and may be only used by the Chief.

Tazer - /tazer
This command is used to holster and unholster your tazer.

Confiscate illegal items - /take
This command is used to take illegal items off a suspect after frisking.

Forcibly entering a house - /ram
This command is used to forcibly enter a suspect’s house.

Dispatch Radio( Dispatch to All Units ) - /dispatch [Abuse will not be tolerated]
This radio frequency is used to send a message from Dispatch to All Units

Checking records through fingerprint - /fingerprint
If a suspect is restrained (cuffed), but refuses to tell you their name, (IF suspect has a prior criminal record) this command can be sued to check their Identity (Name, Age, Trash detected.,Job, etc.)

Calling a backup - /backup
This command is used to call a backup , it'll appear on minimap , when some officer needed a backup we'll gonna respond and help them.

Unbackup -/nobackup
To remove your current backup beacon, requesting no further assistance. At this point, the backup will automatically clear from your GPS map whether handheld or not.

Drag a suspect -/drag
To take hold or possession of a restrained and cuffed subject.

Detaining -/detain
To Assist in placing a cuffed and restrained subject in a vehicle.
Cuffing a wanted - /cuff
To place a suspect in handcuffs due to be detained and/or arrested.

Promote/demote - /giverank
To promote/demote an officer in the department. This can only be done by Leadership members.

Type of Crimes
The following list contains the official charges of San Andreas. As a citizen, tourist or a worker inside San Andreas soil you accept the rules and their punishments.

1. Direct Offenses
1.1 Harassment
1.2 Sexual Harassment
1.3 Assault
1.4Aggravated Assault
1.5 Attempted Murder
1.6 Kidnap
1.7 Kidnap of an LEO

2. Traffic Offenses
2.1 Illegal Shortcut
2.2 Reckless Driving
2.3 Driving without a Valid License
2.4 Driving Under the Influence
2.5 Grand Theft Auto

3. Firearm Offenses
3.1 Brandishing a Firearm in Public
3.2 Discharge of a Firearm in Public
3.3 Possession of Illegal Firearms
3.4 Distribution of Illegal Firearms
3.5 Manufacture of Illegal Firearms

4. Narcotics Offenses
4.1 Possession of Illegal Narcotics
4.2 Distribution of Illegal Narcotics
4.3 Manufacture of Illegal Narcotics

5. Governmental Offenses
5.1 Misuse of the 911 Hotline
5.2 FCC Violation
5.3 Public Disturbance / Disturbing the Peace
5.4 Unlawful Assembly
5.5 Disorderly Conduct
5.6 Bribery
5.7 Heavy Bribery
5.8 Failure to Comply
5.9 Evasion
5.10 Resisting Arrest
5.11 Extortion
5.12 Aiding and Abetting
5.13 Trespassing
5.14 Impersonating an LEO
5.15 Transport of Illegal Goods

Basic Rules

Only use marked LSPD cruisers , Any other vehicle is strictly prohibited unless approved by high command (r4+).

Do not go off duty unless approved by a high command (r4+).

Only use your rank related uniform , depends on a rank.

The usage of any locker equipment while not actively serving your duty will get you fired on spot.

Cadet are not allowed to arrest someone you must have permission from high command first.(r4+)

Just 3 minutes per star if you going to arrest someone who got wanted levels

You'll never jailed someone in Demorgan. All of wanted are goes by our head quarter.

Never hunting someone who got star while they've currently point war

Cadet are not allowed to talk with /d(epartment) chat unless they have permission from high command (r4+)

You are to be clearly known to the server offenses (rules).Violation of a server offense will get you fired on the spot.

Ten Codes

10.1 Poor Reception
10.2 Good Reception
10.3 Stop Transmitting
10.4 Message Received
10.5 Can you repeat that ?
10.6 Off-Duty , But in for emergency calls [for paperworks and personal matters]
10.7 Off-Duty
10.8 On-duty responding to calls
10.9 Repeat message
10.10 Negative resisting orders

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Re: LSPD || Handbook

Post by ArturoLeyva on Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:56 am

Good,Sir Ezekiel to see information Handbook.

LSPD,Emergency Light
Link: ELM MOD,
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Re: LSPD || Handbook

Post by Johnlagmay on Wed Oct 26, 2016 7:52 pm

i want to know why cadet not allowed to talk in /d

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Re: LSPD || Handbook

Post by JohnLenard on Fri Oct 28, 2016 1:08 am

chief i have an application posted can you check it up?

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Re: LSPD || Handbook

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