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Creation Family [ICP]

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Creation Family [ICP]

Post by JowaPau on Thu Nov 03, 2016 3:58 pm

Gang Name : Insane Clown Posse

Story Of Gang :Kent McCoy is a loving husband and father who hosts a birthday party for his son Jack complete with a clown. The clown he hired accidentally goes to another party, but luckily Kent discovers an old clown costume in the basement of a house he is selling and dresses himself to entertain everyone. After the party Kent falls asleep wearing the clown costume, and the next morning he is unable to take it off. The body suit, wig, and red nose are progressively adhering to his skin.

Kent is forced to go to work wearing the costume and the three guys who are helping him renovate the house laugh at him. He tries to remove the costume, cutting his wrist with a knife and breaking a vibrating hand saw. He goes home and tells his wife Meg what is happening, so Meg tries to help Kent remove the fake nose; it rips his flesh and wounds him. Suddenly Kent also begins to show strange behavior and a deep sense of hunger, with a noisy gurgling in his stomach. He eats all the food in the house, wrecking the kitchen.

Kent tries to understand what is happening to him and tracks down Herbert Karlsson, the brother of cancer treatment specialist Dr. Martin Karlsson and its previous owner. Martin tells him on the phone to avoid the costume. Kent learns the origin of the clown is an ancient demon from Northern Europe now forgotten: the "Cloyne", which attracted five children to devour. Karlsson drugs Kent with tea, revealing that the only way to stop the demon is to behead the wearer. Karlsson lands the knife in Kent's shoulder as Kent jumps up and asks what he is doing. Kent learns that the costume is the demon's skin and hair.

Kent moves away from his family and into a hotel, where he fights his hunger and contemplates suicide. He shoots himself in the mouth but does not die, spattering the wall with rainbow blood. He then attempts to behead himself with a pair of buzzsaws but fails, causing a little boy to be killed instead. Eventually giving in, Kent becomes the demon and devours his first victim, a child who had bullied Jack earlier. Meg becomes involved, trying to understand what is afflicting Kent and to help him fight against the demon. Desperate, she partners with Karlsson with the intent of freeing Kent from the suit, although Karlsson is prepared to kill Kent if necessary.

Meg learns from Karlsson that freedom from the clown costume can be gained by offering the demon what it wants: five children. Karlsson put on the costume to entertain the children at the oncology clinic that Martin worked for. Martin smuggled out five dying children from the cancer ward to free Herbert from the costume. Karlsson also warns Meg that the curse follows any part of it, explaining how earlier the family dog had become afflicted by the curse after eating Kent's clown "nose"; which forced him to kill it by chopping off it's head.

Kent, now almost fully lost, succumbs to the demon and begins hunting more children. He sneaks into an indoor playground/arcade and devours two children. Karlsson fails to kill Kent, and Meg tries to get through to her husband. Instead, the demon offers her a deal: feed it one more child, and it will release Kent. It tells her to bring the final child to their "special place".

Meg works as a dental nurse, and a child from her clinic recognizes her. The girl asks for a lift home when she cannot find her parents. Meg drives her to the "special place" and locks her out of the car. She suddenly changes her mind when the girl sees Kent.

The demon clown searches for Jack, killing Jack's grandfather and ripping off his jaw. Meg fights against her husband, but the demon is drawn to her womb, as it is revealed she is pregnant. After a long chase inside the house, Meg is forced to knock his head off with a hammer, killing the demon and her husband. In the end, the costume is packed up to be analyzed by the police.

Gang Leader : Rodelio_S_Reyes.


R6: Chief Clown
r5: Master Clown
r4: Standard Clown
r3: Senior Clown
r2: Apprentice Clown
r1: Junior Clown

Gang Clothes : ID 264 Only

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