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LSPD Application form (JP Cobb)

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LSPD Application form (JP Cobb)

Post by Cris Cortez on Fri Nov 04, 2016 11:51 pm

Los Santos Police Department [i]"Dedicated to Order with Steadfast Loyalty and Unrivalled Valour."

1. Personal Information
Full Name: JP Cobb
Date of Birth: August 29, 1998
Gender: Male

2. Basic Requirements
Knows how to properly RP:Yes
Clean Admin Records:Yes
Can speak English fluently:Yes

3. Essay
3.1 Tell us some things about yourself (No word limit):
Im JP Cobb 18years of age i live in Commerce actually im born there and im the only child, my Father name is Jay Cobb he is a retireded Corporal that's why we lived in Commerce because their headquarters are near in Commerce, my Mother name is Mary Cobb and he is a Volunteer Nurse. my hobby is playing Basketball and hang around in Los santos, i have two motorbike, My father Gave me one bike that called Freeway and my other bike are given by my Grandfa on my 17th birthday.
Im a gangster, yes! im an old gangster im a member of 127Abes Compound, because im not agreeing the law, they want to demolish all houses in the squatter's area, yes they have a right to do that but they did'nt need to harrass them because all citizen are have right's, i feel sad to all prisoners/gangster that they torturing or most salvaging, that's the reason why i want to apply as a Leader in Police Department because i want to remove all abused and bad Police for destroying the Reputation of the Department and i want to make a new Police Department that having a good characteristic and a good conduct. i want to back all reputation that they lossed

3.2 Why should we pick you instead of the other applicants (No word limit): because i have experienced in handling a faction and i think i can do a lot than them

3.3 How do you imagine yourself after one year in the department (No word limit): i imagine myself Proud and Confident by doing a lot for my country, i think when im in Service i can make the road become clean and green and i will make a law that based on the needs of the people

Signed [DATE]11,05,16

Cris Cortez
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