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Cheech N Chong / Application v.2 / Please Approve

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Cheech N Chong / Application v.2 / Please Approve

Post by Simon_Mogilevich on Mon May 22, 2017 10:48 am



1.1 Full Name: Cheech N Chong

1.2 Gender: Male

1.3 Age: 14

1.4 Place of Birth: All Saints Hospital

1.5 Date of Birth: 10-31-02

1.6 Current Address: South Los Santos, San Andreas

1.7 Contact Number: 44909

1.8 Biography:Biography: I grew up in Los Santos and lived in San Fierro as a teen, when I was a child I was adventurous and wanted to do everything I was eager to help my fellow nursery class mates when they grazed their knees and I would help my teachers in class, when I grew older I got into a medical school for kids I also loved getting involved with life saving swimming classes, I wanted to be a doctor ever since I was little and now I want to be a paramedic, I want to be the best ambulance driver there is, because I'm a helper and I help everyone. When I went to Harvard I got bullied for being a super nerd, helping people, I studied ICT as well as biology. I studied there many years and I loved it there, I then moved to all saints medical training, I left after 3 years because my mother died, she choked on a piece of meat, I was devastated by the matter and was in deep mourn for 3 years, I recently took a life changing course and I want to get in to medical business once more but before the course I went on a epic adventure through the American West to East coast, after the years past I wanted to be my old self start my life back up again, become what I was born to be, a paramedic, I would also like to help the other staff on the board of the medical facilities. I would be obliged if you allowed me to work with you in LSFMD and I wont let you down I am eager to start working again and I loved the getting to injured and helping people when their need help I also want to help make LSFMD progress through Los Santos and make it the best god forsaken medical care in the world.

1.9 Why do you want to join the team?: This isn't my full extent to Medical Roleplay, but a brief transaction to show you merely the basics. In the server, LSFMD Also performs Surgery, Baby Deliveries, Fire Fighting, Advanced Life Support, Real Training Tactics, and much more.


3.1 Knowns How To RP: Yes

3.2 Clean Admin Records: Yes

3.3 Can Speak English Fluently: Yes


3.4 Name: Find It Out OOC'ly

3.5 Age: 14

3.6 Location: Find It Out OOC'ly

3.7 Gender: Male

3.8 Alternate Accounts/Past Names: Kaizer_Maxwell

3.9 How long can you play samp?: I can play 10-13 hours a day because I'm not such a busy person and all I do is play SAMP.



4.1 Licenses: Driver's License: Passed.
Pilot license: Acquired.
Boat License: Not Acquired
Gun License: Not Passed.

4.2 Skills & Experience: I am a team player and most importantly an idea champion. I have a knack of listening more than what I speak and perhaps, that is why I tend to get well with team members to generate ideas from them.

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Re: Cheech N Chong / Application v.2 / Please Approve

Post by Katarina_Avion on Mon May 22, 2017 2:15 pm

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