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Post by Tomas on Mon Jun 05, 2017 4:59 pm

Your IG name : Tomas_Alonso
Your level IG: 1

Why do you want to join?: I would like to introduce myself without any permissions of someone 'cause I would help some people when they need. It should be my responsibility to take care the server.
Why should be accept you?: It's sounds too ambicious. You don't need to heard some reasons for me, Well, this was my dream for the past years and I've learn for other servers as a (( Senior Helper )).
If you want examples just meet me In game.

What can you do to help us?: For those who didn't know exactly what the rules and policy rans out of the server, I won't see anyone will be punished for didn't knowing the rules, They can ask for me when they need my help just type (( /requesthelp )) and be patient I will come quickly.

How can you help with the server?: To reduced the banned player's or jailed players, just ask through
(( /newbie )) and I will answered anything they want to know.

Any experience with past servers?: Yes.

Rate your RP from 1-10: 10

Show me 10 properly used /me and /do :

/me slowly rolls the drivers window as he would talk someone.

/do Will you ask anything?

/do please inform me.

/me extends his right arm to his back as he want to take on his backpacket.

/do Will you please rolls down the window?

/do S/F ?

/me rolls down the window.

/do Face to the door of car

/me face on the door of car.

/me raise his hands up.

What is DM?: Deathmatching, means if you killed someone without proper roleplay.
What is RK?: Revenge Killing, if you back to kill your enymy.
What is MG?: Metagaming, mixing IC and OOC.

What is Mixing?: Mixing, means your were mixed the IC on OOC which is not allowed.

What is Bunnyhopping: Bunnyhopping, you were jumped quickly and try to escaped on your enymies.

What is PK: Player Killed, means you killed someone without roleplaying him.
What is our Policy about Robbing and Scamming?: Level 5 above is allowed to robbed or scammed someone.
Is Trash detected. off an insult?: Yes.

Is Shemale an insult? : No.

What is your goal as a helper?: My goal is to be part of Administrator Team, I could help them through my cmd's and it had a lot of advantage on Senior Helper.

What you will do as a helper?: For those need help and I should be help them without any permission of Head or Executive.

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