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[ CH APPLICATION ] - Lebron_James

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[ CH APPLICATION ] - Lebron_James Empty [ CH APPLICATION ] - Lebron_James

Post by Defenestration on Tue Jun 06, 2017 2:36 pm

Your IG name : Lebron_James

Your level IG: 5

Why do you want to join?
Gusto ko sumali bilang Community Helper para tumulong sa mga newbies at guide them into the world of "roleplay". Gusto ko kasi maging maayos at responsible yung mga players sa RL-RP para maenjoy naman nila yung meaning ng roleplay. Gusto ko kasi isa ako sa mga role model ng server at masarap din sa feeling yung nakakatulong ka sa isang tao.

Why should be accept you?
Since isa ako sa mga legendary(old) player ng RL-RP in LSPD and also one of the first batch of players who join the relaunch of RLRP since day 1, gusto ko lang sabihin na I have alot of experiences in RLRP and other roleplaying servers. And I am also a responsible player who knows the right and wrong.

What can you do to help us?
Makakatulong ako by helping the players that who needs help. Tuturuan kung ano-ano ang rules ng server. Mostly I would like them to teach roleplay to the players.

How can you help with the server?: As much you can see naman above, makakatulong ako by helping the players and teach them to roleplay.

Any experience with past servers?: Yes

Rate your RP from 1-10: 8

Show me properly used /me and /do :

/me finds a book from the bookshelf

/do Finding..

/me silently mumbles as he read the books he's finding in the bookshelf.

/me lifts his pointing finger as he scans the book from the bookshelf one by one.


/me takes the book named FMH Magazine from the bookshelf.

What is DM?: DM is the abbreviation of DeathMatch which means to attack/kill a players without a proper in character reason and roleplay.

What is RK?: RK is the abbreviation of RevengeKill which means the action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands.

What is MG?: MG is the abbreviation of MetaGame which means to use out of character information in character.

What is Mixing?: Mix means to use out of character chat in character.

What is Bunnyhopping: BH is when someone jumps in continue to reach his/her destination faster which is punishable by law.

What is PK: PK is is the abbreviation of PlayerKill which is inflicting hurt or damage to others RPly but it is not official until a higher admin accepts it.

What is our Policy about Robbing and Scamming?: Doing non-rp scam can be punishable by law although robbing is not that applicable now because money won't be dropped when you have been killed while carrying a lot of money.

Is Trash detected. off an insult?: No.

Is Shemale an insult?: Indeed, and it is very rude.

What is your goal as a helper?
Bilang isang helper my goal is to help many players as I can and guide them to the server.

What you will do as a helper?:
Gagawin ko ang lahat para makatulong sa mga players as many as I can that who needs help and answering their questions. I would like to turuan ko din sila sa mga rules ng server.
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