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LSPD Application (Justine_Youngs)

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LSPD Application (Justine_Youngs)

Post by justineknows10 on Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:23 pm

First Name: Justine
Sur Name:
Last Name: Youngs
Phone Number: 79466
Place of birth: Los Santos
Date of birth: November 10, 1989

(( Questions to the applicant ))

Why do you want to be a part of Los Santos Police Department?

(Example) During my childhood I - i like to watch any movies action , regarding to police work. As im Childhood i create a toy gun for simulating seen on tv .

Why do you think you should be accepted and you'll be taken over the other applicant?

I will obey my every command had you told in me, to lay my uniform ,I do not pollute the police. And i do my best . Surprised

Do you mind being our Cadet? if no, why?

As a Cadet i know how to learn respect , helpful , arrest the DMers , and Dont abuse and act like a real officer I do not mind in any lessons to tell me to do and i will do my best.

Last Law Enforcement Experience (( IN THIS SERVER ))

Im an FBI r3 in Old RL-RP because i donate to Deadmau5 . and i have a big Experience many DMers i arrest and i have my own RP.

Life Biography

I was born in the southern part of Los Santos , My Father name is Christoper Franklin my father is an Goverment And my mother name Maria Claire Franklin she is a Housewife , He he always take care of me no matter what happened. and my father is was really busy in his work. My father was killed by unidentified gunmen. too busy, He does not know much wanted to kill him, my mother cried for my father who kill 2 Undentified gunmen they need a Justice for my Father.So i decided to join in LSPD because I want to find out the gunman who kill my father to arrest him and i jail him forever and Arrest all Bad People And Especially to all Dmers who Dm Innocent People . i want to Help my Mother to have her including in her life, I know the pain of losing a father.I love my mother so much he is a KindFull mother and very industrious when i was attending in my school she was so Carrying me I will not hate him anytime i will protect him dedicate my life to him thank you.

Sign here:


My Stats :

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Name: Justine_Youngs
Age: 21
Country: Philippines
E-mail address: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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Re: LSPD Application (Justine_Youngs)

Post by iamsuperxiah on Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:37 pm

Wait until the lspd chief review your application form~

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Re: LSPD Application (Justine_Youngs)

Post by Tomas on Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:41 pm

Fix the color text, for that using color will ( - ) to your application points!

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Re: LSPD Application (Justine_Youngs)

Post by Gab_Enzo on Wed Jun 28, 2017 6:14 pm

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Los Santos Police Department
1 Pershing Square(Police Plaza)
Los Santos

Dear Applicant,

The Los Santos Police Department would first like to thank you for showing interest in joining us. However, your application has failed to meet minimum requirements to be accepted. As a result you have been
DENIED, therefore you cannot continue to the next steps.

The reasons for your denial are as follows,

Lack of effort (Please work on your English skills)

Please feel free to correct any issues above and re-apply in the next seven days for the department (( 1 week )). Keep in mind that sending another application and the time limitation has not passed may result to being banned from applying for the police department.

Please read through it so that you know how to proceed through and enter the Los Santos Police Department.

It is important that you actively review your handbook as you begin resuming your career within our department as things commonly change.


Gab Enzo,
Captain SWAT Division,
Los Santos Police Department.
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Re: LSPD Application (Justine_Youngs)

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