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Helper Application

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Helper Application

Post by Gaudencio_A_Cordozar on Wed Jun 28, 2017 11:14 pm

Your IG name : Gaudencio_A_Cordozar

Your level IG: 11(at the moment i have 84/40 respect points)

Why do you want to join?: I want to join Helpers Team in RL-RP because its a new server and i want to give a good impression at new players by helping them as much as i can.

Why should be accept you?: Because i am sure you want your server to become some bigger then now and i will help you with that as much as is possible.

What can you do to help us?: Maybe some suggestions and of course help every player which needs help.This also might reduce NON-rpers.

How can you help with the server?: I am supposed to do my best icly and also oocly but unfortunately i can not pay for the server because i have only fifteen years old.

Any experience with past servers?: yes

Rate your RP from 1-10: Seven

Show me 10 properly used /me and /do :
/me Takes his ATM card from his back pocket with his right hand and inserts it into the ATM.

/do ATM is Loading...

/do You can see a sum of money.

/me Presses on the button and takes out one hundred bucks.

/do Bucks are slowly coming out.

/me Takes the money and the card and walks away from ATM.

/do 1/2*
/do 2/2*

/me Raises his right hand up with his gun and by using his both hands reloads his Desert Eagle.

Pushes the which is near steering wheel and starts signaling to left < < <

/me Puts his hands before the airbag and starts to push it back at its place.

/me Raises his right hand to his duty-belt and takes the Tazer pistol and aims carefully at he suspect.

/me Opens the fridge and takes out a cool beer.

/do On the beer is a claim which says ''Slassh''

/me Slowly lays under the hood of the car for searching the engine's problem.

/do The water tank is empty.

/do The suspect has been successfully cuffed up.

/do You can see on the left side of the car a plastic tattoo which says ''Yellow Cab.Co''

/me Takes a can from Mechanic car and attache it to the water tank.

/do Water flows into Water tank.

/me Puts back the can into the mechanic car and walks to the owner of the car.

/do Does the stranger takes the money i am giving him?

What is DM?: Full form of DM is DeathMatch which means to attack/kill a players without a proper in character reason.

What is RK?: Full form of RK is RevengeKill which means after you have been killed by someone and you spawned you are going to kill him back.

What is MG?: Full form of MG is MetaGame which means to use out of character information in character.

What is Mixing?: Mix means to use out of character chat in character.

What is Bunnyhopping: BH is when someone jumps in continue to reach his/her destination faster.

What is PK: Full form of PK is PlayerKill which is when you kill or have been killed RPly but it is not official until an level 4 admin or lead admin accepts it.

What is our Policy about Robbing and Scamming?: Scam is allowed till 40k bucks and rob is allowed till 10k bucks.

Is Trash detected. off an insult?: No.

Is Shemale an insult? : Yes,It is.

What is your goal as a helper?: My goal as a helper is to help all players who needs it and also trying to stop NON-rpers.

What you will do as a helper?: I will protect server of non-rpers by teaching/reporting them and i will always help players.
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Re: Helper Application

Post by Rajiyah on Wed May 30, 2018 9:16 am

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