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The Axe Gang (Information and Application form)

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The Axe Gang (Information and Application form)

Post by Raymond_Esquilla on Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:45 am

The Axe Gang

The Axe Gang is one of the deadliest gang in Los Santos and uses Guns as a weapon of choice, usually dressed in black suits and sometimes top hats.
Gang Leader: Charles Castillo 
Wayne Austin
Raymond Esquilla
Blaine Hicks
Tetsu Kojo
Mike Toreno 
Ivan Ancheta
Barry Mills
Angel Bravo
Mark Totanes 
Wade Kill
oblaxz blaze
Raymond Rios
Want To Join ? please contact Charles Castillo ingame. 
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Ingame Information or IC Information
Failure to correctly answer this FORM will lessen your chance of being invited.

Your Name((In Character name)):

Your Years of living in Los Santos((level)):

Where do you currently live in Los Santos?:

Have you been a member of any Families or Gangs? And what?:

Why did you come to Los Santos?((Your Character's Story)):

Why do you want to join The Axe Gang? (( Minimum of 100 Words Tagalog/English )):
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