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[Want to boost skills to level 5]

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[Want to boost skills to level 5] Empty [Want to boost skills to level 5]

Post by Zepetto on Thu May 31, 2018 7:26 pm

Your in game name: Pzycho Sid
Your in game level: 3/As in new accounts not old account.
Why do you want to boost your skills?: Gusto ko lang po mag pa set nang level 5 trucker para hindi po kame mahirapan sa pag tatrabaho isa lang po akong poor na players dahil naisip ko mag pa set nang level 5 skilss. para makapag trabaho po ako at magkarun nang pera at para hindi na po ako mahirapan mahirap po kase pag walang pera kaya sana po ay pag bigyan niyo ko sa akin request salamat po. Godbless
What type of skills you want to set level 5: Trucker
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