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As we are all aware that some players are being unfair with the use of 3rd party programs especially on every point & turf wars, we have made a custom damage system from scratch to counter the cheats that they're using from the past few days.

Thanks to our admin team and our ever-advancing script-wise anti-cheat we've taken the fight to them and have continued our best to keep them at bay.

Remember that the safety & security will always be our #1 priority.


We've added an airplane matsrun that starts at Los Santos International (Airport). The delivery point is at Easter Bay Chemicals near San Fierro airport. The route is a bit longer than the traditional matsrun but you will be given:

Non-VIP: 450 Materials
Silver & Gold VIP: 900 Materials

You can /getmats inside the helicopter (within the airport only) and it will allow you to get the material packages. The delivery point is also a very large red checkpoint, so flying over the checkpoint should be enough to make your delivery.


Since yesterday, we have repeatedly been getting hit by DDoS attacks that have caused downtime on our SA-MP server. This is yet another pathetic attempt to ruin other people's fun, and as always we will never negotiate with any attackers (permanent bans are our one and only reply) and will always continue this great community, regardless of how many attacks come our way. We have a very long history of dealing with attacks against our community and we have always survived everything — this time will be no different.

We will continue doing our best to minimize the impact as much as possible. Rest assured that we will never give in to anyone and that our community will come out stronger than ever before as we have done repeatedly throughout history even with much larger attacks against our community than the recent ones.

We want to thank the community for their continued support, loyalty and patience throughout this entire ordeal. The resilience of this community despite unfortunate circumstances has always been one of the greatest qualities of our community members. We value your trust in us and we will always continue pushing our community forward to greater and better.

To thank the community for their patience in this matter we will be hosting a Double EXP for 2 days!



Family / gang leaders can now set a global family / gang pay per rank with the /adjust paycheck command, which pays its members from the available funds in the family bank.

/adjust paycheck 100 = per rank, if you are an R5 in your family and the family paycheck is set to $100, then you will receive $500.

Members will receive this pay every paycheck. It will show on their paycheck statement as follows:

However, if the funds are not available in the family bank then no payouts will be made:



Safezones were made and implemented into some specific locations such as Hospitals, VIP Lounge, Market, etc. to avoid Deathmatching.

The Safezone V2 automatically confiscates all of the weapons of the player who tried to random shoot & deathmatch players who are inside the safezone.

As we ditched our SAMP-Anticheat Client, we have totally implemented our script-wise anti-cheat to open the server for everyone without the need of downloading an anti-cheat client-based.

NEX-Anticheat is a comprehensive protection which combines powerful anti-cheat and protection against various attacks.

In line with this, we will still continue to develop after it's official release to continue our campaign against cheaters.

Have a prosperous New Year to everyone! Let's welcome 2019 with a fair and a clean community.



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