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Post by Josh on Sat Nov 07, 2015 3:14 pm

San Andreas Fire & Medical Department
Training and Recruitment Division
Application and Recruitment Process

If you are reading this, then you think you have what it takes to become a staff member of the San Andreas Fire and Medical Department. The San Andreas Fire and Medical Department is San Andreas' only fire prevention and medical first responding department. We work hard every second of everyday, putting our lives on the line to protect the citizens of Los Santos and the surrounding area.

Upon joining the SAFMD, you will not only make San Andreas a safer, and more hospitable place, but you will grow yourself into a better person; you will gain and use the traits of honesty, respect, dedication, and selflessness and show full commitment, to the state of San Andreas.

Part 1: Creating and sending an application

Creating an application is the first step in the recruitment process for the SAFMD. But before you create or submit an application, you must first be sure that you meet all the SAFMD applicant requirements. These requirements can be found here, ( It is very important that you check that you meet the requirements stated, as failure to do so may result in a denied application.

After you have checked and seen that you meet the requirements, you can begin to fill out the SAFMD application. This application can be found here, ( As always, when you are finished filling out your application, check your spelling, grammar, and other issues that you may have accidentally done in your application. Correcting these errors is important as it can better the chances of an accepted application.

After you are finished with your application, you may send it to the San Andreas Fire and Medical Recruitment Office. This is where a High Commanding member of the SAFMD will receive and review your application. You should hear back from the High Commanding (HC) member within the same day. They will bring back different news for you, depending on your application. You will receive one of the following notices, Pending, Corrections, Denied, or Banned. With an application set to Pending, it means that your application has been accepted. You will then have 72 hours to contact a member from this contact list for your interview. Failure to take your interview in the given time will result in a denied application. For an application set to "Corrections", you will have to correct the issues or errors found on your application. After you have corrected the errors, you will have an application set to Pending. An application set to Denied means that the application has not been accepted. It will state the reasons, and you will be able to re-post an application after one week. For an application set to Banned, it means that your applications have been permanently denied. It will state the reasons why.

Once you receive the Pending notification, you will be able to move onto the next step of the Recruitment.

Part 2: Entrance Examination

Once you have received notice that your application was set to Pending, and you have answered the additional questions, it will be your duty to seek out a SAFMD Training and Recruitment member, or High Command member to receive your entry examination. It might be in your best interest to seek out the member who set your application to Pending. If that is not possible, another member will do it. You can always go to the SAFMD Head Quarters and ask any member of the SAFMD to direct you to a HC or Training and Recruitment member.

The entrance examination will be an interview between you and an SAFMD T&R member or HC member. They will ask you some questions about the handbook, (which you must read) and other important things. After completing the basic handbook knowledge test, you will be moved to the medical knowledge test, where you will show your basic skills of medical knowledge. If you pass the examination, you will be fully accepted into the SAFMD. You will be given your trainee uniform, badge, and your radio. Your application will then be set to Accepted, as you have been accepted into the SAFMD. If you do not pass the examination, you will be denied. Failure of the second examination will result in a denied application, and you will have to re-make an application after the one week waiting period.

((Be sure to request the SAFMD usergroup on the forums. This can be found at the top of the forums, under Usergroups.))

Part 3: Trainee

Now that you have been accepted into the SAFMD as a trainee, you will be constantly trained to become a better member and a higher rank in the SAFMD. Some of the training is hard, and not passing is alright. You receive training to better your skills, and you will receive a training multiple times, until you are comfortable with what you learned. You will patrol with superior members, and get the feel of the SAFMD and its work.

As a trainee, it is essential that you know the rules of the SAFMD, and the stikes and punishments received when the rules are not followed.

The process looks long and demeaning, but it is truly worth every second of your time. Becoming a member of the SAFMD will not only be a rewarding experience, but you will have a sense of honor and pride as you serve the city of Los Santos, and the citizens in it.

San Andreas Fire and Medical Department

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