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Gang Application (La Costra Nostra L.C.N)

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Gang Application (La Costra Nostra L.C.N)

Post by George_C._Marshall on Mon Jun 06, 2016 10:45 am

Gang Introduction:
( Must contain 1 paragraph )
Gang Name: La Costra Nostra
Gang Leader: Tony_Accardo
Gang (Turf)Location:
( VineWood Temple Downtown Los Santos. )
Gang Headquarters:None
(Screenshot of your Gang HQ)
Gang Logo:
(If possible Only)
( Kung meron lang )
Gang History:Ever since it was born in the fragrant lemon gardens of Palermo a century and a half ago, a sworn brotherhood has pursued power by cultivating the simple, terrible art of killing people with impunity.
The mafia has been given many names since it was founded: the sect, the brotherhood, the honoured society, and now Cosa Nostra. Yet as times have changed, the mafia’s subtle and bloody methods have remained the same. Now, for the first time outside Italy, Cosa Nostra reconstructs the complete history of the Sicilian mafia from its origins to the present day, from the lemon groves and sulphur mines of Sicily, to the streets of Manhattan.
The mafia’s history is rich, sinister, moving, and surprisingly little known. Drawing on groundbreaking new research, Cosa Nostra explains how the mafia began, how it developed its rituals and its code of ‘honour’, how it kept its dark secrets, how it spread to the United States, and how it became integral to the way Italy was Jamaican.
Starting Members (Minimum of 9)
Leader: Tony_Accardo
Rank 5: George C Marshall
Rank 4: Brian_Todd_Collins
Rank 3: Kensey_C_Cordozar
Rank 2: Jhonn_Accardo
Rank 1: Alden_Presko
Create your Rank Name:
Rank 6:Consigliere
Rank 5:Omerta
Rank 4:Don
Rank 3:Capo
Rank 2:Soldier
Rank 1:Associate
Desired Skins
(Include their ID's and Pictures):
Rank 6:48
Rank 5:47
Rank 4:234
Rank 3:273
Rank 2:169
Rank 1:125

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