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Admin Application by Jeff.

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Admin Application by Jeff. Empty Admin Application by Jeff.

Post by Jeff on Mon Jul 16, 2018 4:24 pm

In game Name:

Your Country:

Your Time Zone:
GMT +5:00


Do you have any past STAFF experience?:
Yeah, two times, I got promoted before as a Management, as i was before a Ast.Management. I also have created my own server but due to some problems, i unfortunately closed it.Well, i should be picked above all other applicants because i have gained a great experience while playing samp for about 5 years especially when I was an admin before, so i think i'm able to do that job in a good way, on the other hand, my English speaking skills are good and acceptable.I've been playing SAMP for 6 years. It means that i'm pretty decent and an experienced player. I'm experienced about admin commands. I also know how to handle the hard situation by doing appropriate act. I can describe my self as an pretty calm and decent player in my perspective i'm an helpful material. There's always a reason why you should be selected upon other applicant. It depends on how mature he is and how loyal he is with every single player.I got an special instinct which tells me what to do and when to do helpfull. I've an absolutely brilliant eye that helps me to catch any hacker. I'm more helpful loyal active mature and respectfull person on behalf of any other applicant.

How many Language can i speak?:
English and Urdu

How much time can you be online?:
Whole day. atleast 9 hours a day.

How long have you been playing SA:MP?:
6 Years

How long have you been roleplaying?:
5 Years
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