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Yakuza Triads Family, (REquest)

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Yakuza Triads Family, (REquest) Empty Yakuza Triads Family, (REquest)

Post by Summers on Wed Dec 23, 2015 9:48 am

I am here as the Head Leader of Yakuza Triads Family.
I make this to inform you all that, Yakuza Family is always active and wanted to setup and fix my HeadQuarteers, cuz any admins are all busy, and Admins always ignores my reports.

First of all meet my Rules:
1. English Speaking only, if you don't know how to speak english better speak english so you will learn hot to speak.
2. Don't ask Promotion or you will get demoted to Followers*
3. Follow the orders of Boss, UnderBoss will also follow, UnderBoss will on ly take a lead of any Boss is not around in town.
4. You should know what is OOC rules and IC rules.
5. You should know how to RolePlay(RP)

Skins of Rank's:

Followers: (ID skin: 59 and 60 )
Rank 2: (Id skin: 71 )
Rank 3: (ID Skin: 113 )
Rank 4: (ID Skin: 117 )
Rank 5: (ID Skin: 118 )
Rank 6: (ID Skin: 120 )
~* All who will fail to follow this Skin policiy will grab Punishment or will grab demote or Kick.*~

Vehicle of Family Triads:

Vehicle ID's : (VID: 405 ) 3x

Vehicle ID's : (VID: 410 ) 3x

Vehicle ID's : (VID: 421 ) 3x

Vehicle ID's : (VID: 426 ) 3x

Vehicle ID's : (VID: 497 ) 3x

~*Vehicles are all allowed I will just fix the ranks of the vehicles.*~

Signed By: Michael Summers
Head Leader of Yakuza Triads

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